Why More of the King?

More of the King Publishing produces youth Bible study lessons written specifically for the camp setting. Author Debbie Morris has more than 40 years of experience working in Christian camps and loves the opportunity camp provides to reach kids with the Gospel. Having home-schooled her own three daughters, as well as teaching Sunday School regularly, she knows how to reach children and teens.

These Bible studies, by Deborah S. Morris, are thoroughly Biblical and Christ-centered. They are practical and full of warmth and passion for personal application. It is refreshing to see materials such as hers whose primary focus is God and His glory, rather than man and his contentment and comfort. Parents whose children use these materials in a camp context can be confident in the content. I recommend them without reservation.
–Rev. Gregory Sarensen, Evangelical Free Church of America

Debbie knows that study materials for camp have to speak directly to the campers at their level, as well as providing structure and inspiration for busy camp leaders.

In Morning Watch, I love how I don’t just read a passage of Scripture, but I get to really study it and think about how it should affect me personally.

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The Bible Exploration was very easy to follow and use, especially since I needed to just jump into it without a lot of early preparation. Everything I needed was right in the lesson. The topics and the questions were of great interest to my campers. My campers seemed to enjoy Morning Watch and were ready each day to do it. I don’t remember ever having to coax any of them out the door to do Morning Watch. I think it was because they were eager to do it.
— Diahanne VanGulick, High school camp counselor

Our name, More of the King, comes from this quote by John Piper:

The zeal of the church for the glory of her King will not rise until pastors and mission leaders and seminary teachers [and camp staff] make much More of the King. When the glory of God himself saturates our preaching and teaching and conversation and writings, and when he predominates above our talk of methods and strategies and psychological buzz words and cultural trends, then the people [campers] might begin to feel that he is the central reality of their lives and that the spread of his glory is more important than all their possessions and all their plans.
–John Piper, Let the Nations Be Glad! (Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 1993), p. 38.

Our aim is to encourage youth to:
•    deal directly with God’s Word and so to meet its Author.
•    handle God’s Word responsibly.
•    continue Bible reading at home.
•    see Jesus as their only treasure–to make much more of the King!