Training Videos for Leading Bible Exploration

These 5-minute videos will help prepare your staff for leading each week’s lessons.

  1. Finding Joy, Unit 1: The Exodus for grades 2-4. Let’s talk about Jesus!
  2. Finding Joy, Unit 2: The Greatest King for grades 2-4. The most important quality.
  3. Singing His Praise, Unit 1: Learning from the Psalms for grades 2-4. Build on each day’s lesson.
  4. Singing His Praise, Unit 2: The Great Shepherd of the Sheep for grades 2-4. Use teachable moments.
  5. Waiting for the Promise, Unit 1: In the Beginning for grades 2-4. Use a variety of activities.
  6. Waiting for the Promise, Unit 2: The True Vine for grades 2-4. The OT helps us understand the NT.
  7. Learning to Follow, Unit 1: Joseph, a Picture of Jesus for grades 5-7. Not just moral lessons.
  8. Learning to Follow, Unit 2: Following Jesus for grades 5-7. Suffering, then glory.
  9. Exalting the King, Unit 1: The Strongest Man in the World for grades 5-7. The true Hero of the biblical story.
  10. Exalting the King, Unit 2: Parables of the Kingdom for grades 5-7. God’s power in weakness.
  11. Spreading the Word, Unit 1: A New Direction for grades 5-7. Get into God’s story.
  12. Spreading the Word, Unit 2: Live Out Your Salvation for grades 5-7. Keeping our eyes on Jesus.
  13. Living with Hope, Unit 1: Abraham, Friend of God for teens. How can faith grow?
  14. Living with Hope, Unit 2: Studies in the Psalms for teens. Getting campers to talk & staying on track.
  15. Looking to the Word, Unit 1: Looking unto Jesus for teens. Why worship Jesus? How can we imitate him?
  16. Looking to the Word, Unit 2: Words, Words, Words for teens. How important is Application?
  17. Drawing Near, Unit 1: In the Presence of God for teens. What is our greatest blessing?